Bucks music library CD. 
a collection of creative ambient PP tracks echoing the blues 
with shades of seedy jazz  in an electronic setting.

Romance & Rust -  Ambient Jazz Electronic
Standard Music Library- Bucks Music Publishing
Standard Music Library / ESL202 Ambient Jazz Electronic
Releases from Village Studio

BLUE VSR004 2010
The Phil Parnell 3-tet release their 2nd CD 'Blue' featuring Dansk Blusicians Torben Bjørnskov (b) and Espen Laub (d) on May 15th with an interesting blueprint of cobalt sounds and azure songs from their own glaucous ballpoints and a guest appearance from Swiss team FR::YK -Franco Mento (beats) and Yannick Barman (tpt)- and with songs from Herbert, Monk, Bjørnskov, Parnell and Laub. 

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This is an experimental electronic CD with Swiss friends Franco Mento (beats) and Yannick Barman (tpt) recorded in Switzerland and remixed via the internet. Plenty of effects, loops, and pedals in action in this sonic adventure. 
The music is processed but the sleeves are organic. Paper! Origami, each hand folded and numbered and the image is transferred so each one is unique.

See video special and interviews by french journalist Neif Saurer
Phil’s songs “Party All My Troubles Away” and “Lassaiz Faire” were used in the Award winning Documentary “The Sound After The Storm” about musicians in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.
“That Don’t Keep Me From Cookin In A Gumbo Pot” VSR003 2010
featuring Lillian Boutte’ Don Vappie and a host of music friends.

“ astonishingly authentic New Orleans sound that harkens back to nights in Tipitina's or The Rusty Nail” 
Chris Mosey, All about Jazz Magazine


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P-Vine Japan Releases 2011

Working on a new duo CD with Morton Christensen. Very organic, acoustic piano, guitar, banjo and takin it way back to the beginnings of 20th century music. Død Mand Sko is Dead Mans Shoe and we’re takin a walk into the past. No samples, beeps or loops to be found. Lots of Phil Parnell vocals though.

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Headed out to 2013 Silkeborg Riverboat Fest with the Advocats, Arhus Jazz Fest with Mike Owens Bordello Bedwarmers,  and taking to the streets at C.W. Obels Plads in Aalborg in the afternoons with Dod Mand Sko throughout the summer,(weather permitting)

Then to Sweeden for some recording and a gig with the fabulous Mitch Hiller. (and a bit of lake fishing)

August brings Randers Fest, Livø Fest, Blå Fest (Aalborg) and Tversted Jazz!

I am excited about performing with The Nordkraft Big Band featuring blues legend Robben Ford

later this year for a few concerts!

and...I am proud to be appearing on Fessor’s latest CD “Fessor And The Great Ones”!